Welcome To The Fast-Growing World of Miracle Dreams Holdings

The information in this section outlines the fundamentals of how Miracle Dreams conducts business with its suppliers and how our holdings view supplier relationships in general. It gives a brief sketch of how our group purchases its supplies and offers an avenue for those interested in becoming part of suppliers. It also provides information to our current suppliers who want to enhance their understanding and connectivity with our holdings.


In order for our business to progress and grow, we need a healthy relationship with our suppliers and in order to work effectively with us, you will need to understand our strategic objectives and our company culture.

Part of our Trading Agenda is the need for a Responsible, Effective Supplier Base. This means we expect a lot from our supplier and ourselves. A healthy relationship involves high levels of challenge as well as high levels of collaboration, effectively growing the business for both parties.

We will aim to treat you with respect, whilst maintaining our role in challenging you to support our purpose: To make goods and services more affordable for our customers.

What We Do For Our Suppliers

  • We commit doing everything we can to ensure a product sells.
  • Flexibility regarding minimum orders and order frequency.
  • Easy ordering system Advice on electronic ordering, marketing and technical issues.
  • Easy to follow processes.

Standards we expect from our suppliers

MIRACLE DREAMS HOLDINGS is a responsible establishment; we would never condone any illegal practices or things our customers would disapprove of. It is important that you understand that we want to ensure that all the products we sell are as healthy as possible, created in as sustainable way as possible, in a supply chain which meets our ethical standards whilst still maintaining our focus on great value to the customer.

Our Mission, Purpose and Values

  • Our Mission is “To provide best value to our customers – always!” What do we mean by best value? Right specification at the right price.
  • And our purpose “To make goods and services more affordable and accessible for everyone” As a supplier of Miracle Dreams Holdings, you have a critical role to play in this, we will work with you constantly to ensure that everything you do works towards the achievement of this mission.
  • Being First for Customers Everything we do at Miracle Dreams Holdings is focused on putting our customers first. If the customer does not benefit from an action, we will not do it. The role that our global procurement and sourcing team play in making sure that we are first for customers is described by the “Agenda for Sourcing”
  • Agenda for Sourcing If you are working on something that does not fit in this framework, you are working on the wrong things. Have a chat with your buyer to help you understand how you can build a business plan around the Agenda for Indirect Sourcing.
  • Being World Class We are a business which aspires to be world class. Having the most efficient and effective supply chains – both externally and internally – and keeping a keen eye on the future are critically important to the work that we do. We will be challenging ourselves – and you – to ensure that everything we do works towards the achievement of this vision.

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